Nymbl Science

Nymbl Balance Improvement for Fall Prevention


Nymbl’s patented dual-tasking fall reduction
software is validated to reduce fall risk
by 50% or more in just 10 minutes per day.

The first truly scalable fall prevention program.



What is Nymbl?

We combine medical science and mobile technology to measure, track and improve balance.

We train reflexive balance through dual-tasking exercises delivered via smartphone technology.

We achieve high engagement by giving older adults a fun experience they can do anywhere, in only 10 minutes a day.

Nymbl in Senior Living


Nymbl is designed to fit easily into Senior Living Communities.  Our Class App literally runs the class, and participation is often 10x the participation in other activities because it’s fun!

We have seen communities reduce the fall risk population by 50% in 4-8 weeks.  See how Nymbl can work in your senior living community.

Nymbl for Medicare Advantage Plans


Medicare advantage payers have tried for years to reduce falls, but programs have typically only reached the 5% who are least at risk.  Nymbl provides the first truly scalable fall prevention program that can be digitally delivered via smartphone to a far greater percentage of the your members.

See how Nymbl is changing the fall calculus for Medicare Advantage Providers.

Nymbl Validated Results


High User Participation

ParticipationGraphic2/3 Are Still Engaged After 6 Months


Balance Improvement

Summit Health Study


Senior Living

Measurable Improvement

In At-Risk Population in 4-8 Weeks

Nymbl’s balance evaluation and training program is validated through multiple studies and patented.

Dual-task Balance Training:
Cognitive Challenge + Physical Exercise

Divided attention is necessary to successfully perform a cognitive and motor tasks (e.g., walking and talking). Reduced ability to dual-task due to aging makes older adults more susceptible to falls when they are distracted.

Dual-task training can improve cognitive bandwidth, and thus the reflexive balance required to avoid a fall when the older adult is distracted. Nymbl’s patented system delivers dual-task training in a fun and engaging way, that significantly improves reflexive balance in 4-8 weeks.

– Nymbl in Use