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Nymbl Balance Class Leader Guide
How to Run a Successful Nymbl Balance Class

Welcome to Nymbl! Nymbl is a proven method of improving and maintaining senior’s balance, which has been demonstrated in study after study to reduce falls, the leading accidental killer of people over 65. This reference guide covers how to run a Nymbl Balance class based on the success we’ve had from literally of hundreds of classes we’ve run around the globe.

Nymbl Classes are designed to be short, fun, social and highly impactful. We’ll provide you with information on setting up, running and getting the most out of your classes. We can’t wait to see the results!

Preparing for the class

In order to give a proper Nymbl class, you will require the following:

  • A room large enough to hold the class with access to 1 armless chair per person
  • A TV screen that everyone can see – preferably at eye level
  • An IOS Device (iPad or iPhone)with the Nymbl Training App and Nymbl Evaluation App installed and working
  • Prior to the class, it’s a good idea to enter all of the expected participants into the system, so that you can move right into the Eval portion of the first class without wasting valuable time on admin.

All class participants need to first have a balance evaluation so that you have a baseline balance score from which to measure improvement. The following section shows how to conduct a Nymbl Balance Evaluation

Doing the Balance Evaluations

In order to do the balance evaluations, you will need the following

  • A chair to do standups
  • A chair to do the TUG test with a tape placed on the floor 10 feet from the chair
  • An iPhone or iPad with the Nymbl Eval App installed

It’s best to have entered everyone who will be in the class before they attend. You will save time an won’t have to type in tricky email addresses and passwords in real time.

Once you have all of the participant’s names in the system, doing the evaluation is fairly straightforward and largely managed by the app. Once you log in (using your user name and password), you will see a list of all users. Select the user you wish to test. The app will guide you through some questions designed to start the participant at the right level, and then animates the test, times it, and allows you to stop if the exercises get too difficult.

All of this is shown in the following video:


Running the Classes

The App is designed to literally run the class for you, so that you can spend time working with the participants, and helping them if they have questions or issues.

To start – turn on the iPad/iPhone, set it to “Coach Mode”, select the level you’ll be teaching, and connect it to the TV so that the app screen is displayed.

Now let the app methodically walk through the exercises (each one is animated). Once the exercises begin, the cognitive challenges will appear on the screen. The participants should be paying attention to the challenges, and standing erect with good posture. This reinforces that proper posture is critical to falls prevention, and gets them used to looking straight ahead instead of downward when doing exercises. Make it fun for everyone by challenging them to get the problems correct and insuring that the quiet ones participate in the exercises.

The class will be over much more quickly than you’re used to with normal 1 hour classes. Finish by reviewing what they’ve done today, and why each exercise is important for balance. Any time you can provide context (the “why”, not just the “how”) you will get more engagement from the participants.

Resources Available

Here are some helpful pages, videos and resources available to help you run your class!

The Importance of Balance – JP Farcy, Chief Scientist:


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