Community Program Ft. Collins

doug exerciseThe Ft Collins Nymbl Balance Improvement Program

Improve your balance at home in 10 minutes per day with a personalized balance coach!

The award winning Nymbl Balance system has been shown to improve seniors’ balance by over 30% in one month. More than 50% of seniors initially at fall risk were no longer at risk after consistent participation.

Now the same program is available for use in the comfort of your own home, and whenever it works in your schedule!

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 17.28.35Nymbl offers the Community Program to individuals in Ft Collins under the able guidance of Amy Dodd.  Participation in this program gives you 3 monthly balance consultations,  plus access to our award winning Balance Training App that will take you through your daily exercises and give you fun cognitive challenges that accelerate the process of improving your balance.

The Nymbl Balance System
Nymbl’s easy to use iPhone/iPad app is designed to guide you through daily exercises. It displays animated exercises, provides a timer, and gives you a choice of cognitive challenges for the day (math, history, trivia, etc.) Nymbl works on your strength and stability in the first few weeks and then adds dynamic (moving) exercises that mimic real world situations. Every two weeks a new set of exercises is delivered, with the option to progress at your own pace.

The cognitive challenges are based on recent breakthroughs in neuroscience. Their role is to accelerate the process of balance improvement by simultaneously stimulating the brain and neuromuscular response. Combined with the physical exercises, the results are significant!

Meet Amy, our Program Leader!

Amy Dodd is a Colorado licensed physical therapist (PT) with a specialty certification in geriatrics (GCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). She has spent 23 years working in hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing homes and universities to improve the physical health and well-being of those who have been injured, disabled or have suffered a decline in their functioning due to the normal aging process. She looks forward to working with you to achieve stronger, healthier and literally, more balanced, lives!

Email her with questions:

Program Requirements and Pricing
– 3 month introductory balance improvement program, with monthly balance consultations included $50/month.

Balance Training
– Monthly Training app subscription: $20/month

Followup Balance Consultations and Balance Tracking
– $50

How to sign up!
To sign up for the course, simply send an email to or fill out the form below. Please note, currently this program is only available in the Ft Collins area.