The Nymbl Community Program


The Nymbl Community Program – Bringing Advance Balance Training to Seniors in their Homes

The award winning Nymbl Balance system has been shown to improve seniors’ balance by over 30% in one month. And more than 50% of seniors initially at fall risk were no longer at risk after consistent participation.

Now this program is available for use in the comfort of your own home!

Nymbl is used in the home through our Community Program.  Our Local Community Manager will work with you to give you a balance evaluation, set you up on the application and provide regular balance consults. From there you use our our award winning Nymbl Balance Training App that will progress you through your daily exercises and give you fun cognitive challenges that accelerate the process of improving your balance.

The Nymbl Balance System
Nymbl’s easy to use Balance Training Application is designed to guide you through your daily exercises. It displays animated exercises, provides a timer, and gives you a choice of cognitive challenges for the day (math, history, trivia, etc.) Nymbl works on your strength and stability in the first few weeks and then adds dynamic (moving) exercises that mimic real world situations. As your balance improves, new exercises are delivered though the app so that you’re constantly improving.  You can progress at your own pace.

The cognitive challenges are based on recent breakthroughs in neuroscience. Their role is to accelerate the process of balance improvement by simultaneously stimulating the brain and neuromuscular responses. Combined with the physical exercises, the results are significant!

More on our Nymbl Training Application.

Now Available in Boulder and Ft. Collins, Colorado
If you live in Boulder or Ft. Collins, our Community Managers are ready to enroll you and help you get going with the program.  Just contact us and we’ll get you set up with the local manager. We’re actively looking for additional managers – if you’re interested we’d love to learn more about you!

Program Requirements and Pricing


  • Any Apple iOS product (iPhone, iPad or iTouch) or recent model Android phones or tablets (Samsung, LG, Google, etc.)
  • Access to Wifi


Introductory Plan. The three month balance improvement introductory system – $150 (per month fee o;f $50, paid in advance).  For the cost of a monthly co-pay, you will receive

  • A balance test to identify your balance score
  • Private consultation from a balance expert or Physical Therapist to understand what your score means
  • A personalized balance improvement plan
  • Use of the Nymbl Training Software
  • Set up and walkthrough of the app

Continuing Training. A continual “dual tasking” balance training and improvement system – $20/month:

  • Continued use of the software
  • Support and trouble shooting
  • Access to all new features and content in the balance training app as they are released

Additional Balance Evaluations. $30.

How to sign up!

To sign up for the program, simply contact us.

Interested in becoming a Community manager?
Community Managers make good supplemental income while interacting with seniors in the local community a very positive way. Seniors love the program and will surprise you with their commitment and technical savvy.  If you would like to run a program in your community, please contact us and specify that you are interested in becoming a Community Manager. We’ll get right back to you.