Nymbl provides real time balance evaluations at Waynesboro Health Fair

WaynesborobalancetestIn partnership with Summit Health, Nymbl’s balance evaluation and training program was a featured booth at the recent Waynesboro (PA) health fair.  Over 100 people lined up to get their balance evaluated, with many signing up for balance improvement classes that are run by renowned Olympic trainer Doug Lentz, head of the Results training facility.

WaynesboroHealthFairQueueDoug commented, “We were overwhelmed by the reception of our balance evaluation and improvement program.  Boomers are very interested in measuring and improving their balance, because they now realize that it’s fundamental to a healthy life.  Today was a big step forward because over 100 people in Waynesboro now understand their balance score, and we’ve booked more than 30 people into our balance classes!

Click here for more information about Doug Lentz and Summit Health Balance classes.