Nymbl Fall Prevention in Senior Living Communities

Nymbl Fall Prevention in Senior Living Communities

The benefits of improving your residents’ balance with Nymbl

Senior Living Community Directors know that wellness is not only vitally important for their residents, it’s good business as well. Balance is a key component of wellness, and improved resident balance has community-wide benefits including reduced falls and increased participation in events, which in turn makes the community more lively and attractive.

Using Nymbl for an entire year costs less than one move-out in your community!
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Improving your bottom line

Improving balance directly impacts a Senior Community’s bottom line.   The industry standard cost of acquiring a new resident is $5,000- $8,000, making keeping the existing residents healthy and happy even more important.

Nymbl has proven results that impact the bottom line of a senior living commuity
Proven results from implementing Nymbl community wide

For most communities, nothing impacts a person’s ability to continue to age in place than falls, and falls are the number 1 reason why people move from Independent Living to Assisted Living . Thus, each fall prevented can save money, and the significant staff time required to deal with the fall.

The Nymbl System is designed to be an essential tool for improving population health in your community. Our system is not “another balance class” it is a tool that can be used to track and improve your residents’ wellness. This can have a profound positive impact on your business.

Reducing the number of residents at risk of falls

Nymbl can reduce fall risk by 50%A partnership with Nymbl begins by understanding the needs of your particular community and setting goals for participation and balance improvement. Typically over 80% of the residents are at falls risk (according to CDC cutoffs that Nymbl automatically determines) – so we can make a major impact.  We’ve seen communities that within 1-2 months of using Nymbl have seen a 50% reduction in the number of residents at falls risk. Wouldn’t that be an amazing goals for your community?

Imagine the impact this can have in your community. Fewer ambulances pulling up due to a fall.  More people able to participate in your events and activities.  A renewed “buzz” in your facility.  And, importantly for the financial health of your community, longer stays resulting from fewer falls.  This can improve occupancy and dramatically lower your marketing costs. Everyone wins!

The science behind Nymbl

Fall prevention programs have had little success (in fact falls mortality has increased by 31% in the past ten years), because they have not been based on the science of what engages people, and the proven approach that dual-tasking exercises have maximum impact on the outcome. Please see our article on why fall prevention programs haven’t worked, for complete details.

Nymbl takes a different approach. We start with what science says has the highest impact and engagement, and build our program from there.

The foundation of Nymbl is our patented “dual-tasking” approach to balance improvement.  Academic studies show dual-tasking outcomes are superior to single tasking outcomes. And this mimics the real world. People generally don’t fall when they are concentrating “only” on not falling, they generally fall because they get distracted by a phone call, interruption, etc.

We take this research and make it easy to implement in a senior living environment. Our Class App delivers a complete dual-tasking class curriculum that’s easy to implement and fun for the residents. Our Training App can be done in the comfort of one’s own home at any convenient time. Both take just 10 minutes per day.

Nymbl fall prevention class

Senior living community implementation and results

Significant balance improvement from using Nymbl in Senior Living CommunitiesWe have partnered with a number of senior living communities to assure that our solutions work in the “real world”. Typically, a community will offer daily classes at high flow times: before lunch, movies and/or happy hours, so that Nymbl becomes part of daily life in the community.

Classes are 10 minutes long and normally and designed to be habit forming. They are fun, upbeat and help build community. At-home users are encouraged to set the reminder so that they do the exercises every day.

Scores are tracked regularly, normally after the first and second months and then quarterly thereafter. We’ve seen amazing improvement in every community we’ve worked with. In aggregate, scores improved 36% in two months or less, and virtually everyone improves.  This gives residents the confidence and improved balance to get out more, which has a virtuous cycle of health improvement.

Please see our guide to setting up a successful fall prevention program in Senior living communities.

Nymbl testimonials from Independent Living Communities

Our best recommendations come from the experts who have implemented Nymbl in their Communities. Here’s a short testimonial from an activities director used Nymbl extensively and saw both how easy it is and how dramatic the results can be.

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Introduction to Nymbl in Senior Living Communities

Let us work with your community to see how we can get the same amazing results!  Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we could work with you to improve residents’ balance, reduce cost, and have a significant impact on the well being of your community.

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