The Nymbl Training App



A self-paced application that improves balance in 10 minutes a day using our patent-pending Dual Tasking approach

The Nymbl Training app delivers our “dual tasking” approach to balance improvement on a smartphone or tablet so that the user can improve their balance and have fun at the same time. The Nymbl Training App delivers the following features:

  • Nymbl Me training exercisesExercises that begin at the appropriate difficulty for the user (based on their balance evaluation) and progress to more challenging levels as the user improves. All exercises are animated and notated for easy learning.
  • Thousands of cognitive challenges that are fun!
  • Timing of each exercise
  • Tested interface that seniors can use quickly and easily
  • Subjective feedback – alerts coaches if user is experiencing pain, dizziness or excess exertion
  • Safety features – if you’re unsteady doing an exercise, it will stop you and reset the program
  • Coaches can send personalized messages to the user
  • Supports HIPAA compliance

The Nymbl Training App is used in conjunction with the Nymbl Pro App. Once the user has received their balance score in the Pro app, the training level is set automatically.  The user then logs into the training app, and the exercise program is set and ready.

Typically these exercises will take ten minutes total. The prescribed dose is 3 times per week, but we recommend making it a habit right after breakfast or before lunch and doing it every day for best results.

Automatic promotion to new training levels as balance improves

As a user’s balance improves and they become more proficient with the current training level, they are automatically offered a promotion to the next higher level. Promotion is “intelligent”  – the system tracks both participation and success of performing each exercise within a specified period of time to determine whether the user is eligible for promotion.


The Nymbl Training app revolutionizes balance training because it is proven effective and can be done in less than 10 minutes per day.  The elegant combination of science, mobile technology and user interface makes it useable and effective for seniors.


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